How To Calm Anxiety – How To Stop Your Panic Attacks

It might seem like a struggle at the moment but you can calm your anxiety and put a stop to panic attacks. And it doesn’t have to take a life time to get them under control. If anxiety is ruling your life then read on to find some great advice to reduce the symptoms of panic attacks and help you get your life back on track. How to calm anxiety.

how to stop panic attacks

A life without anxiety attacks seems impossible at the moment but the good news is that it isn’t. The key is to take the right approach.

There are a few key things that you can immediately do to reduce the symptoms of your panic attacks. These are easy, natural and effective. Give them a try:

  1. Reduce caffeine intake.
  2. Take exercise every day.
  3. Meditate daily.

Sounds simple, but doing these three things can help your anxiety almost immediately.

Stopping panic attacks for good

Panic attacks and anxiety are usually treated in one of four ways.

  1. Medication
  2. Psychotherapy
  3. Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  4. A combination of treatments

Anxiety Medication

Anxiety problems are quite common and there has been plenty of research into which medication is most effective. Anti-depressants are usually the drug of choice when prescribing to a patient with an anxiety disorder but others such as  Valium, Ativan, and Xanax may also be prescribed. If you are prescribed these you should note that they are addictive and you may be better off looking for alternatives if this is a long term solution. Buspirone is seen as a good alternative that isn’t addictive.

Medication is a good solution but it is seen as a very extreme way of calming anxiety and panic attacks. You should first try psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy or meditation and relaxation techniques.

Anxiety Psychotherapy

What is it? Psychotherapy is a method to try and help you understand what your problems are and what is causing your anxiety. It attempt to try and help you find ways to deal with situations that you find difficult. Psychotherapy can be very effective at reducing panic attacks and in some cases they can be free of them altogether.

Psychotherapy involves talking your anxiety through with a trained professional and trying to get to the route of what is causing your panic attacks and anxiety. And then finding a way to deal with it.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

What is it? CBT is a form of treatment that stems from psychotherapy. It involves talking to trained therapists to come up with a route to calming your anxiety. During CBT sessions you will explore the way in which your thoughts and beliefs may be causing your anxiety and it gives you alternative ways of looking at things.

CBT often involves you doing certain tasks at home for it to be effective. You may be asked to put yourself in situations that cause your anxiety so that you can analyze your thought patterns.

It focuses on the theory that your negative thoughts and feeling are trapping you in a cycle. CBT shows you how to break these cycles and alter your thought patterns so you look at things differently.

How to calm anxiety? CBT does work and it is a proven treatment in all sorts of mental health issues.

Alternative Anxiety Calming Treatments

If you don’t like the idea of the other treatments then maybe a more natural approach is for you. Meditation, hypnosis and relaxation techniques have been shown to be very effective in calming anxiety. Meditation in particular has been shown to be very effective if done regularly and in the right setting.