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We are always interested in anybody who would like to share their experience, knowledge or tips about mental health.

It should be noted that the required standard is high but as long as you stick to the guidelines, there is no reason why you can’t write for us.

Article requirements

  1. All content must be unique.
  2. All articles must be family friendly. We are open minded but our website is used by people from all backgrounds and all ages…..NO BAD LANGUAGE!
  3. Each article must be a minimum of 550 words.
  4. All articles must be written in GOOD English.
  5. Informative articles must be well researched with references where applicable…personal opinion should be avoided if possible.
  6. Articles must contain relevant images. Images cannot be copyrighted.

What’s in it for you?

  • Apart from the knowledge that you are spreading the word about mental health you can also get a biography page with links to your website as well as two links within each article you write. Note that the links must be related to the subject of the article and must be relevant to the anchor text.
  • We will make a one off payment of $50 for any articles we publish. Payment will be made after publication.

Still want to write for us?

So how do you begin?

Step 1 – Get in contact and tell us what you are proposing. Give us a vague idea of your article and whether it is an experience, a tip or an informational post. Also give us some more information about you and why you want to write for us.

Step 2 – Wait for a response and then send us your post.

Step 3 – We publish your work and you can pimp your post around the web!

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