Adult Separation Anxiety, How to Manage It

Separation anxiety is a well recognized condition in children but recent studies have shown that adult separation anxiety is also a serious mental health problem throughout the world.

Separation anxiety occurs when an individual can’t live without a figure; someone who has been in their life, taking care of them usually. Being apart from the person causes intense distress and anxiety in the sufferer. In children the condition usually occurs when the child’s main carer disappears.

It is thought that adult separation anxiety is reasonably widespread and effects people from all ethnic groups and in most areas of the planet.

Like all mental health problems, it is nothing to be ashamed about.

What is it?

Adult separation anxiety is worry and anxiety caused by separation of an individual from another person. The other person is usually a carer or a partner or a husband or wife.

It isn’t simply worrying about someone. It is a condition that takes over the sufferers life and controls everything they do. They might avoid school, work or even going out in order to avoid spending time apart from the person.

Its important to note that separation anxiety is not just worrying about a loved one. It is a mental health condition that can effect anybody.

Adult Separation Anxiety Symptoms

The symptoms of adult separation anxiety can be quite difficult to spot because the sufferer might try to hide them due to embarrassment or some other reason. These are the main symptoms:

  • Extreme fear or anxiety when asked to do things alone.
  • Severe distress at the thought of being apart from someone.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Fear of something bad happening to their attached person.
  • Repeated nightmares about separation from the attached person.
  • Refusal to go to sleep if they are not near the attached person.

It is thought that adult separation anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent due to societies emphasis on being in a relationship. Much more women suffer than men.

It is often quite difficult to spot somebody who is suffering but here are a few signs to look for:

  • Extreme Jealousy
  • Clingy behavior
  • Spending countless hours at friends houses rather than going home
  • Spending countless hours at parents homes rather than going home
  • Excessive and unwarranted worrying about someone

It should be noted that people generally will become anxious if separated from a loved one, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have adult separation anxiety, it could just be that you are missing someone. Adult separation anxiety can generally be suspected if the suffering has lasted more than 4 weeks.

Adult Separation Anxiety Treatments

Treatment of adult separation anxiety are in their infancy unfortunately, it is only recent that people have accepted that it is a serious mental condition.

adult separation anxiety is very complex in its nature and separation anxiety disorder often occurs with other mental health issues.

Like other anxiety issues the most effective treatment is often counseling and prescription medication. Generally anxiety is treated with talking and medication and is very effective.

adult separation anxiety is a difficult situation for the sufferer and also the people around them but it is a recognized and treatable medical condition once it has been diagnosed.

If the descriptions above sound familiar then you should get professional help.