What is the ‘fight or flight’ response?

Evolution has taught us that some situations are dangerous and some we can cope with. We have evolved a means to protect ourselves from situations that might cause us harm or even death.

Our bodies have evolved to give us a boost in these situations and when threatened your body gets flooded with hormones, mainly cortisol and adrenaline. Once these start rushing round your body you can feel it, your heart beats faster and it makes you more alert and ready to pounce….Either fight the threat or run like the wind.
You will be more alert as your blood rushes to your muscles in preparation for your fight or flight. After the moment has passed and you start to relax you might start to shake, this is your muscles relaxing as your body releases more hormones to relax your body.
This fight or flight isn’t something you have any control of; your body does it naturally. It is really something that is left over from our early days when dangerous animals were chasing us, looking for a snack. In modern times the threats often aren’t as dangerous but the bodies response is the same.