Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Do you think that you may be having anxiety attacks? It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between normal anxiety and an actual anxiety attack. Or sometimes you simply might not know what it is!

Below we have listed the symptoms of an anxiety attack so that you can check for yourself.

Anxiety attack symptoms

  1. Sudden heart pounding panic. You would do anything to get out of the current situation. An example may be that you are in a busy train and you suddenly start to panic, you want to get off the train RIGHT NOW….you may even get off at the wrong station, just to get out of the situation. This is an underlying symptom of an anxiety attack, the sufferer needs to get out of the situation.
  2. Is it hot in here? As panic sets in the room suddenly feels hotter. You start to sweat as you relize you can’t immediately change the situation.
  3. You panic about the anxiety. You know the fear is irrational but once the anxiety attack starts you begin to panic about the anxiety and that it will get worse.
  4. Fidgeting and pacing.
  5. Im going to faint! You may feel as though you are going to faint. Sounds become distorted and all you can think about is getting away from here. You are losing control of the fear and its getting scarier. Its almost like your vision is closing in at times.

Anxiety attacks are scary. There is no doubt that the symptoms make for a scary experience but over time you can live with anxiety attacks.

The bad news is that if this is your first attack, you are likely to have another. The key is to try and assure yourself that you won’t pass out and you won’t die.

Anxiety attacks are reasonably common and with the correct help you can get them under control. They don’t need to rule your life.